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Kursa nosaukums – The DO School Start-Up Lab.

Par kursu:

Taking your great ideas and making them a reality is never easy. The Start-Up Lab helps you stop dreaming and start DOing, introducing you to the crucial steps necessary to get moving. This course is designed for people who have a concrete start-up idea as the course supports the actual implementation of relevant first steps. We help you focus your idea to have broader social relevance. The course provides resources and knowledge from inspiring leaders in the start-up community and offers insight into the learning experiences of other emerging social entrepreneurs. It challenges you with questions that every entrepreneur has to answer in the early phase of starting up and gives you key opportunities to exchange and discuss your ideas with other course participants who are also implementing their social ventures. This course is focused on helping you maximize on the impact you can create with your start-up.

Pieteikšanās (nospied linku):

un atrodi:  The DO School Start-Up Lab

Lektori: Romy Kraemer, Florian Hoffmann, Katherin Kirschenmann, Dr. Mei Wang un Rouven Steinfeld

Nospied: Go to course!

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