Our mission

We aim at strengthening and disseminating the knowledge, promoting the international and national experience exchange and establishing the networking for social innovation thus enhancing the sustainable development of society.

We recon social innovation as the best solution that offers an efficient, sustainable and positive social change or solution for society’s problem.

Human resource development is the primary key! Education of individuals can help them use their knowledge and skills more efficient to tackle social challenges!

Our activities

SIC provides non-formal learning about social innovation, social entrepreneurship, political processes, and policy formation for disadvantaged society groups, integration and increase of society participation in social and political processes.

The specific areas of key personnel: innovation, society challenges, youth, disadvantaged groups, ICT and web solutions.

Since 2010 SIC has brought social innovation lectures, social inclusion and social change events to local authorities, given lectures and dynamic training at more than 20 different events for the government workers, young people, scientists, representatives of creative industries, business start-ups, entrepreneurs, schoolteachers, students and other interested parties (in total nearly 500 people) who want to identify their internal resources of creativeness for social growth and positive change.

In 2013 SIC in terms of Norden project “Social Innovation – way of living” has organized visit of social entrepreneurs from Norway and Sweden and made trainings for potential startups as well as educated municipalities about support for social entrepreneurship (SE). During the project more than 200 youth representatives were educated, informative materials about first steps in SE have been created in Latvian and Lithuanian. In first 2 months in Latvia the material was downloaded more than 200 times.

From 2013 – 2015 in terms of Grundtvig and Lenoardo projects SIC executed activities for people with disabilities and their integration in the labor market and youth unemployment project.

From 2014-2016 SIC coordinates Erasmus+ project “Social entrepreneurship development in the Baltic Sea region” under adult education strand. There are several educational materials created under this project and Open Education Platform. Main aim of the project is to create stable support network for social enterprises in Baltic Sea region.

From 2015-2016 SIC runs Europe for Citizens project dedicated to develop social capital among youth in Eastern European countries. The project consists of 8 different events dedicated for youth and youth leaders from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland and Romania. During project different events – discussions, conferences, simulation and workshops are executed and several materials created: research on the civic engagement of youth and platform for youth (www.civicyouth.eu).

From 2015 – 2017 SIC is part of two Erasmus+ KA2 projects dedicated to Safe internet for people with special needs and coworking concept promotion within Europe (European Coworking Network).

In 2016 partnership of partners from Baltic Sea region has been granted from Seed Money Fund to work on social entrepreneurship in youth sector.

All of the projects are directly or indirectly related to social innovation, improvement of quality of lives in community and development of new skills.


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