“Baltic Sea Region Youth Social Entrepreneurship Development (BYSED)” project kick-off meeting in Stockholm

Jauniešu sociālās uzņēmējdarbības attīstīšana Baltijas Jūras Reģionā

Six partner organizations representatives were invited to Stockholm, where in offices of the Norden Association (that acts also as the EUSBSR PA Education Coordinator) the project has officially started. Our host Anders Bergstrom, PA Coordinator gave us brief introduction on the Strategy, Policy Area Education, its main aims and objectives. He also informed us about the flagships and the process of their work, as well as that the Strategy is very active in partnership formation and that our idea for the enhancement of youth social entrepreneurship is in line with the EUSBSR and the PA Education. [Detailed presentation, PDF]

The chief of the board Magda Leszczyna-Rzucidło from the coordinating organization BISER gave the presentation on the BYSED project organizational aspects – we discussed the financial information, the activities we need to carry out within the project as well as the research methodology.

Afterwards we had a meeting with prof. Mikael Scherdin from the EntrepreneurshipLab which is the EUBSRS funded flagship project. M. Scherdin presented the the underlying concept of the EntrepreneurshipLab that is used for the entrepreneurship education and is already successfully running in several Baltic sea region states – Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and soon in Poland. The idea behind the EntrepreneurshipLab is to be in-between the university and the region. Their motto is “our entrepreneurs can drive any entrepreneurial idea”. The detailed EntrepreneurshipLab presentation of M. Scherdin [PDF].

We discussed the possible areas of cooperation between the EntrepreneurshipLab and BYSED project, especially for the future joint project application.

The detailed meeting minutes are available here [PDF].

About the project:

The main aim of the BYSED project is to develop the main project application proposal for the EUSBSR Flagship Project in the area of Education in the 2014-2020 or any other relevant funding in the field of strengthening social entrepreneurship in youth sector involving experienced partners working in the given field. BISER, who was the leader of the project consortium, will act together with 6 other partners: Social Innovation Centre from Riga, Public Institution “Sveikatingumo idėjos” from Lithuania, Estonian Social Enterprise Network from Tallin, Social Enterpreneurs in Denmark, Riga City Council and Gdańsk City Council.

Learn more: here.


Part Financed by the EUEUSBSR_logo_-_for_light_backgrounds_seed

Project is funded in terms of EUSBSR Seed Money Facility, EU funding to prepare projects that contribute to one of the priority areas or horizontal actions of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (see programme details here)

Photo (c): Flickr – Éole Wind

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