Beata Lavrinoviča, Project Manager Assistant – an intern

Beata LavrinovičaBeata has studied in University of Latvia, Groupe ESC Troyes in France and Jagiellonian University in Poland, she is a determined student who is looking for work opportunities that would allow to develop both professional and personal skills, travel, expand horizons as well as earn and look forward into the future.

“It is necessary nowadays to be able to work on personal development in order to stay competitive in the labor market, that’s why I try not to stop. I have got academic experience as well as work experience in sales, tourism, intercultural relations, marketing, image building, language learning and practical usage of them, and I think, that project management could be new and useful step for the future plans’ implementation.

I have applied for a Social Innovation Centre internship position of the Project Manager Assistant to get valuable insights in project development and management. I believe that this could bring me much more than just few credits for the university. Curiously, this internship allows me to familiarize, for instance, with Erasmus+ project, in which I have already participated once in as an exchange student, but now I have real opportunity to get to know it from the other side, participating in planning and operation stages. Assisting in SIC work and following current projects up is an opportunity for me to get new ideas, participate in sustainable and socially responsible projects at an international level, build a communication network and collaborate on a day-to-day basis with responsive and nice people. I believe that every student should tend to such work experience, that allows to wider own horizons and gain something new.”

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