Infographics created in the project “Teachers and pupils STEM competence development in elementary school”

One of the goals of project “Teachers and pupils STEM competence development in elementary school” is to inform and educate society about the meaning of STEM in every-day life. With this goal in mind, project partners developed a set of infographics in order to attain the interest of young people and inform about the possible opportunities in the STEM field.

You can download the infographics here: infographics_ENG

The objective of the project is to is to  foster competence of STEM, raise knowledge and interest about green technologies, technical creativity and environmentally friendly production/manufacturing, enhancing best practices & educating opportunities – involving teachers, pupils, stakeholders and  parents. The goal of the project is to encourage teachers to learn new information and skills in the field of STEM sciences in order to be able to inspire and encourage also pupils to engage in various practical activities within this field.

Project is carried out from December 2017 until November 2019. The next planned activities are the final meeting and the final event of the project where results will be presented.

Projekta partneri:

Sociālās Inovācijas Centrs, Latvia (

Põltsamaa Co-Educational Gymnasium, Estonia (

Vilniaus Gedimino technikos universiteto inzinerijos licejus, Lithuania (

Ķekavas vidusskola, Latvia (

Zavod VseUk, Slovenia (




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