Developing and promoting social business among youth

Jauniešu sociālā uzņēmējdarbība


In October this year the Social Innovation Centre launched a new Erasmus+ project “Development and promotion of social business within youth sector”. The main aim of the project is to facilitate youth proactivity in the social entrepreneurship field as well as mechanisms to support it. 

Social entrepreneurship is an economic activity that by providing services or producing goods using business methods and tools creates a positive impact in the society and environment. Its aim is to improve the economic and social situation, as well as creating better life conditions for certain target groups or society as a whole. Social enterprises and organizations are particularly active in the areas where it is possible to create the greatest impact on the socio-economic factors, namely: social security, social and health services, education and training, social tourism, renewable energy, consumer services, industrial and agricultural food production, handicrafts, living environment, public work, as well as in the fields of culture, sport and leisure facilities.

Our project has the following objectives:

  • to further facilitate collaboration of the existing business incubators with youth NGOs and youth centres for possible mechanisms on how to facilitate social business development incubation for youth and the support and development of guidelines;
  • to promote social entrepreneurship idea as a positive trend in the society;
  • to encourage young people to think in innovative and creative ways, collaborate and take risk;

The first partnership meeting took place from 20th till 21st of October in Riga, Opera Hotel&Spa conference hall. The project coordinator initiated the meeting with a welcome speech that followed by the presentations from the other partners. We also discussed project aims and timelines, internal communication and financial aspects of the project in more detailed way. On the next day followed we discussed the ways to adapt the existing crowd-funding web platform for the use of youth social ideas and had a prototype presentation. Partners agreed on the platform name – impactyouth, and the project new logo.


Besides the adaptation of crowd-funding platform for youth social ideas, project activities will include:

  • the short term joint project partner representatives training from Baltic states organized by the partner organization from France in Paris;
  • development of guidelines ”How to facilitate development of social business incubation for youth”, that will be available in 4 languages – Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian and English;
  • a 5 days long intensive workshop-training for young social entrepreneurs and to develop their ideas to be published in the crowdfunding platform;
  • a forum “Social business incubation for youth” in each Baltic states


In the end of January the first short-term training is planned for representatives of Baltic States partner organizations that will take place in Paris, France. The aim of the training is to get insights and experience of practical aspects and challenges of social business incubation in youth sector.

Contact information:

Anita Stirāne, project coordinator


About the project:

Project title: Development and promotion of social business within youth sector.

This project is financed within Erasmus+ program Key Action 2 Strategic partnership.

Project is coordinated by Social innovation centre (SIC) with four partner organizations: “INVOLVED MTÜ” (Estonia), “Viesoji istaiga Bendruomeniu kaitos centras” (Lithuania), “VIAINDUSTRIAE” (Italy) and “MakeSense” (France).


About Social innovation centre (SIC):

Social innovation centre is a non-governmental organization, established in 2010. SIC aims at the identification of social issues and challenges in order to find the ”fresh” solutions for the problems, strengthening and disseminating the knowledge, promoting the international and national experience exchange and establishing the networking for social innovation thus enhancing the sustainable development of society.

It recons social innovation as the best solution that offers an efficient, sustainable and positive social change or solution for society’s problem.


This publication was prepared in terms of the projectDevelopment and promotion of social business within youth sector”. The content of this publication is sole responsibility of the project coordinator and may not always reflect the views of the European Commission or the Agency for International Programs for Youth.

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