“Digital Youthquake” project exports digital intelligence and creativity


From 8-16th of October one more youth exchange project has been organized in capital city of Serbia, Belgrade within a field of digital communication and content creation. Youth teams organized by NGO’s from Estonia, United Kingdom, Belgium, Latvia, Albania, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia worked in groups and individually, acquiring skills necessary in this era of information in order to promote work of each NGO successfully and make it way simpler. Latvian team was represented by Alīna, Marta and Beata from Social Innovation Centre.
Project discussed functions and features of such internet communication tools as Facebook, Trello, Slack, WordPress, MailChimp, Canva etc. Participants have explored, discussed and even created by themselves own storytelling campaigns, that inspires, intrigue and promote projects shaped by them. The main idea of this project was promotion of digital intelligence and popularization of its tools within youth, as well as intercultural communication and sharing everything, that could be a source of new ideas and creativity.
Teams have not only worked on their new projects and promotion of them in social media, but also explored Belgrade and Serbian culture in general, showing great example of cross-country integration. “Digital Youthquake” project united together representatives from so different countries, and each country’s team got the opportunity to introduce its own culture and also main youth problems in their country, sharing experiences of problem-solving, as well as positive and negative campaigns. Or course, presentation of each country have been accompanied by tasting of traditional snacks, and also a lot of interesting things have been acknowledged about Balkan traditions and customs. Dancing, singing, games, movies and presentations of participants encouraged to use all kinds of creativity in creation of content in own projects.
During the activities participants have also visited a coworking space, home for NGO’s and simply youth centre “Gnezdo”, where discussion with the manager took place and project participants learned about problems of entrepreneurs and public organisations in Serbia, especially in Belgrade. The discussion revealed strengths and weaknesses of coworking spaces also in other countries of project participants, and, actually they are quite similar.
Latvian and team from other countries came back home with new creative ideas on how to improve teamwork in organisation, make it more effective and inspire young people to implement interesting ideas.

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