Educational materials of “Social entrepreneurship development in the Baltic Sea region”

“Social Innovation Centre” in collaboration with the project “Social entrepreneurship development in the Baltic Sea region” partners has developed three educational materials to strengthen knowledge about social entrepreneurship:

  1. Educational material about  business model, the role of social media and the general  prerequisites for starting a social business. English version here [PDF]
  2. Video materials about social entrepreneurship. Available only in national languages,videos are available in national languages and can be found in partners webpages.
  3. Social Impact Assessment material. English version – see here [PDF]

We invite you to devote 1 minute of your time to answer 4 short questions and evaluate quality of the listed materials. This rating is important for project assessment: One of the aims of the project “Social entrepreneurship development in the Baltic Sea region” is to promote availability of social entrepreneurship education. With the help of various educational materials, the project seeks to promote social entrepreneurship education at Baltic Sea region. Despite the fact that the resulting materials are non-formal educational  tool, the project partners hope that this will be an important help  for those who want to improve their knowledge in the field of social entrepreneurship. Learn more about the project here.

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