European Coworking Network project 3rd partners’ meeting in Riga on 7- 8 of July

Eiropas Kopstrādņu tīkls

3rd management team meeting of the partners from Croatia, Hungary, Belgium and Latvia was held in Riga last week to discuss current European Coworking Network project operation and outputs. Participants of the meeting were Zadra Nova agency, Zadar municipality and ImpactHub Zagreb representatives from Croatia, L’Office partners from Hungary, Betacowork representatives from Belgium and local hosts – Social Innovation Centre (SIC) from Latvia.

During the meeting representative from SIC presented the structure and results of analysis of Coworking concept, the research and interviews done. The research paper on project topic will be published in English, Croatian, Hungarian, French, Latvian and Spanish by the end of September 2016.

Planning next steps of project operation and development, organisational details, budgeting, meetings and deadlines were set up for effective transnational work of the team. Partners of European Coworking Network project shared their ideas on effective work with young people within the project and thought about possible problems and ways of their solving. Several dissemination activities of EU Coworking Network project were discussed, like meetings and conferences in the cities of partners, including the closest one in Riga on September 13th where the Coworking concept will be presented to wider audience of potential stakeholders.

European Coworking Network project has been started in August 2015 and aims to promote entrepreneurship of youth and foster sense of initiative in order to support employment growth in EU member countries using the idea of successful coworking in teams and brainstorming new ideas to implement.


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