“European Coworking Network” project team came up with the Module “Become an entrepreneur”


“European Coworking Network” project IO2 Module “Become an entrepreneur”  has finally become available in English!

According to “European Coworking Network” project plan, management team presents its work on Intellectual Output 2 (IO2) under the Module title “Become an entrepreneur”. Module consists of research on entrepreneurial needs and desires of young people concerning entrepreneurship, as well as their evaluation of participation in an educational program. Another part of the Module is a description of planned masterclasses on how to create and develop business ideas working in teams in a real space – Coworking Space.

The Module “Become an entrepreneur’’ shows all the opportunities for potential entrepreneurs among young people to gain necessary knowlegdes, business network, inspiration, motivation and financial support, and finally come up with a sustainable business idea for social and economic development.

“European Coworking Network” project aims to promote entrepreneurship of youth and foster sense of initiative in order to support employment growth in EU member countries using the idea of successful coworking in teams and brainstorming new ideas to implement.


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