European Social Innovation Competition continues


For the second time last autumn there was launched the Social Innovation Competition which is organized in memory of Diogo Vasconcelos.

D. Vasconcelos was a Portuguese computer scientist who worked for innovation and ICT supporting decentralized models approach for the most challenging social problems of the 21st century.

This time the main theme of the competition was “The Job Challenge” to encourage everyone in Europe

to invent new ways that reduce unemployment and its impact on the economy and society now and in the future.

Any interested person (individual, group or organization) could submit their ideas for the competition using the official competition website by 11.12.2013. During the time period of January to February 2014 the jury was working on selection of the thirty semifinalists evaluating the innovation aspect, potential impact, sustainability and scale of the proposed ideas. Semifinalists got a chance to continue working and developing their ideas at the Social Innovation Academy – an intensive three days workshop. This time the Academy was organized from 3rd – 5th of March in Bilbao, Spain, where the semifinalists had the opportunity to gain practical tips and advises from the international business, finance and communication professionals, social entrepreneurs and public sector organizations.

The next deadline was 21st of March when semifinalists had to submit the detailed plan for implementation of their ideas. Based on these plans during April the jury will select 10 competition finalists. All finalists will be invited to attend the awards ceremony, where the three best projects will be named that will receive a prize of EUR 30 000 to bring their ideas into life.

However, work on the submitted ideas will continue also in the summer, where the finalists will have a chance to further mature their ideas during the additional mentoring session. If the competition budget will allow also the semifinalists who did not make it to the final stage will be invited to participate in this session as well.

More information: European Commission’s Enterprise and Industry website

Check the ideas of semifinalists here.

Photo and information: (c) European Union, 1995-2014

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