European Social Innovation Competition semifinalists projects (Part II)


This article is the second part in the series about the II European Social Innovation Competition semifinalists and presents the next 10 out of 30 projects that passed the first round of the competition.

All of the semifinalists earlier this March participated in the Social Innovation Academy in Bilbao and several days ago submitted the detailed implementation plans. Read more about the competition in this article.

Hope You will find some of these projects inspirational!

11. Jobs’R’Us (Italy)

WiLD AcademyWiLD Academy Jobs_R_UsBased in Torino the project is a proximity crowd-sourcing and crowd-funding platform focused on local and extended needs, empowering citizens to invest in their immediate environment by generating local work and assigning it to local unemployed or under-employed people. Local residents identify local needs (district services, urban fixes, re-generation actions, etc.), upload these needs in the platform, rate/vote assigning priorities, crowd-fund different activities, once the fund target is achieved, the specific work is assigned to unemployed and under-employed locals.

More: Twitter_logo_blue_email@jobs_are_us | ESIC-icon ESIC Website

12. MC² Experience @ Work (Belgium)

mc2The Multi Company Mobility Centre (MC²) project is a social innovation initiated and driven by HazelHeartwood, but realised together with a number of large organisations like KBC, Belgacom, SDWorx and Business & Society. They co-created an external platform to exchange experienced employees on a temporary basis. Through co-sourcing between organisations, older employees have the opportunity to use their skills in new environments and thereby be motivated to stay in the workforce longer. This solution provides a sustainable answer for the social issues related to ageing.

More: world-wide-website-traffic - Copy | Twitter_logo_blue_email@Hazelheartwood | ESIC-icon ESIC Website

13. Mooove (Denmark)

moooveThe idea is to create a digital coaching platform to help job seekers be more confident, connected and creative during the job search. Every week each job seeker on the online platform is invited by a coach to make a plan of action and share it with the rest of the community of job seekers. In making the action plan she can pick from a library of creative tasks or she can create (and share) her own new creative tasks. Examples of tasks might be: “Interview someone who’s doing a job you like and publish the interview on your social media profiles” or “Look for a one day volunteering opportunity. Do it and write about the experience.”

More: Twitter_logo_blue_email@giacomoneri | ESIC-icon ESIC Website

14. Online Learning & Development Academy (Romania)

WiLD Academyan on line interactive academy, with learning topics such as responsibility, entrepreneurship, managing change or communication. Our program is unique: covering one year, it involves individual practice, peer2peer interaction, mentoring support and live workshops. Graduates can practice, test and grow their competencies in an environment that simulates real life situation. After successfully graduating “WiLD Academy”, we will match make graduates with corporate environment by securing job opportunities and projects, entrepreneurial ventures and also give some of them the possibility to remain at “WiLD Academy”, as future mentors for our next series of graduates. Our idea stands for the following principle: 

if you learn how to be the leader of your life, you can change not only your future, but the life of others.

More: ESIC-icon ESIC Website

15. Epelia – Pan-European Food Distribution Network for Small-Scale Producers (Germany)

EpeliaWe support small-scale farmers and a healthy nutrition by developing the shortest possible food supply chains – so short they are just direct links. No chains anymore!

Our idea works by creating webshops for traditional farmers’ markets that support cost-efficient combined shipment of everything a customer orders on one market’s webshop. The market effectively acts as logistics hub, both for self-organized regional same-day delivery, national parcel service delivery, and Europe-wide delivery to other farmer’s markets (acting as distribution hubs).

This model re-establishes the viability of traditional, small-scale food production, and allows these businesses to create new jobs.

More: world-wide-website-traffic - Copy | ESIC-icon ESIC Website

16. Planet Employability (UK)

Planet_employabilityPlanet Employability (PLE) is a 21st century teaching and learning tool which uses virtual worlds for employability skills development. The project will create a teaching and learning environment that is cost effect and easily accessible. It will establish an innovative interface between education and training and the world of work. Through the model the PLE and its partners will be able to expand their ability to reach and support young people who are comfortable in using on-line games.

Motto: From Virtual Reality to Real World Opportunities – mobilizing virtual worlds as tools for formal and informal teaching and learning and employment.

More: world-wide-website-traffic - Copy | Twitter_logo_blue_email@PlanetEmploy | ESIC-icon ESIC Website | YouTube-icon 3 min video

17. Reviving Olive Orchards To Sustainability (ROOTS) (Italy)

ROOTSSt. Francis’ resting place in Assisi is lit by an eternal lamp filled with olive oil, and the entire surrounding region, Umbria, the Green Heart of Italy, is a landscape literally painted with (and by) olive groves… there’s a reason for this!

The idea? Take some elderly people, who spent their life in caring for olive orchards. Bring them together with unemployed youth literate in media, culture, and art. Challenge them to revive, together, an abandoned olive orchard to a sustainable productivity. The elderly will teach, share their experience, and tell their lifestories.  The young people will learn to tend trees and landscape, innovating to differentiate the product in the market, and creating from their experience documentaries, books, music, paintings, or any other cultural product they wish. In short, getting the roots firmly fixed in the earth, so that the branches can grow to the sky!

More: ESIC-icon ESIC Website

18. RUFFBOARDS (Austria)

RUFFBAORDSRUFFBOARDS produces uniquely designed, high-end longboards by upcycling used snowboards and maximizes social impact through a highly integrative production process by employing young offenders and other marginalized groups in the manufacturing process. This combination is extremely attractive for the highly dynamic LOHAS segment (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability – responsible consumers), who are the trendsetters and opinion-leaders for larger parts of society.
On the technology side, RUFFBOARDS has been innovating around the entire design and production process, resulting in a proprietary manufacturing and upcycling process that is highly scalable and can easily be replicated in various settings in order to allow for maximum impact.

More: world-wide-website-traffic - Copy | Twitter_logo_blue_email@ruffboards | ESIC-icon ESIC Website | asset.f.logo.lg_e Ruffboards

19. Smart Suburban Eco Mobility to foster employment reducing pollution (Italy)

Smart Suburban Eco MobilityWe propose to start up a mobility low-cost service provided by eco-minibus connecting nearest peripheral, poorly served or unserved, areas with a radius of about 10-15 km.

More sharing of means of transport less environmental  pollution more job opportunities.

The service will be provided by a social cooperative on a small scale creating a network for neighboring municipalities with 30,000-40,000 inhabitants.

Technologies as smartphone app will give information in real time on the service or will let to book in advance a trip. Aged or disabled people will be helped as well by friendly and easy to use dedicated services.

More: ESIC-icon ESIC Website

20. Task Squad (UK)

Task Squad Task Squad is a new micro-work platform from vInspired, the UK’s leading youth charity. It uses young people’s proven volunteering experience to make them stand out with employers who are looking for staff to fill short-term, flexible, paid jobs.  It helps young people to access vital paid work experience, helping their future career choices and enabling them to become economically active as well as providing start ups, small businesses and charities access to bright, motivated and highly skilled young workers

More: world-wide-website-traffic - Copy | Twitter_logo_blue_email@tasksquadhq | ESIC-icon ESIC Website | asset.f.logo.lg_e vinspired

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