FIT project partners meeting in Rybnik, Poland, 7th-11th of November

On 7th-11th of November Social Innovation Centre representatives participated in exchange visit to Rybnik, the city in Poland, in terms of the project “Fascinating ICT Tools for People with Disabilities – FIT”.

There were partner organisations from Poland, Bulgaria, Portugal, Italy and Latvia. Latvian team was one of the most represented organisations – 22 members, including 19 teachers from different Latvian regions those who are working daily with children with special needs.

Partner organization from Poland organized a visit to the Education and Rehabilitation Center Wodzisław Śl. un Rybnikas Zespół Szkół no 6 school where project participants had an opportunity to learn how work with children with special needs and what kind of activities are organized by their Polish colleagues, as well as participate in several activities by themselves.

Education and Rehabilitation Center Wodzisław Śl. is attended by children with special needs ranging from the age of the baby till 25 years. One of the interesting initiatives run by this center is an opportunity for students instead of classes every eighth to spend the time in an apartment under supervision of teachers learning practical skills to live independently – preparing a shopping list, going to the store and buying required items according to the list, cooking, washing clothes etc. Children are being involved in the work of the on-site café as well having an opportunity experience both roles – the seller’s and the buyer’.

The opening ceremony took place in the City Hall of Rybnik where the participants were addressed by City Council representative had an opportunity to briefly introduce their organizations and to discuss the integration issues related to the persons with special needs.

The visit continued to the Rybnik Zespół Szkół no 6 where students met the project participants with a musical performance “Four Seasons”, as well as other dance and song performances. After that the project participants had an organized tour around the school having possibility to attend the classes, as well as get acquainted with the study rooms’ installations. Finally, each partner presented their organization – telling about objectives, main work directions and activities.

During the second part of the visit project coordinators and other interested worked on the website design for the fascinating ICT tools, others had an opportunity to participate in various workshops – ceramics, manual training, active listening sessions with Batti and Strauss music techniques etc. The final activity was a groups’ workshop with the aim to develop and present different possible educational scenarios for the Flash games for children with special needs. In the end of the exchange visit each participant received a participation certificate.

About the project “Fascinating ICT Tools for People with Disabilities” (FIT):

The project will develop and deliver ICT tool consisting of different modules as: educational tasks and tutorials, interactive digital films, registered workshops on Art Therapy and Recording Reality – creating internet magazine, all based on a simple communication, in easy to read text.

Project partner organizations:

  • Polskie Stowarzyszenie na Rzecz Osób z Upośledzeniem Umysłowym, Poland (NGO, Website)
  • Sociālās inovācijas centrs, Latvia (NGO, Website)
  • Zespół Szkół nr 6 w Rybniku, Poland (School, Website)
  • Initiatives for Civil Society, Bulgaria (NGO)
  • Associazione VIAINDUSTRIAE, Italy (NGO, Website)
  • Instituto Politecnico de Santarem, Portugal (University, Website)

Read more about the project here.

SIC also received the certificate of attendance:


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