Intensive meetings in Sopot and Valencia within LEVEL UP! project

November and December have been especially eventful in the context of LEVEL UP! project. Our employees have visited Sopot in Poland and Valencia in Spain to work on the outcomes together with other partners, as well as to learn about social entrepreneurship incubation in Spain. The both meetings were especially fruitful and allowed invaluable progress towards successful completion of the goals outlined in the project. Step by step we are learning more about the aspects and the necessary improvements in our organizations in regard to adult education!

Transnational partner meeting in Sopot, Poland

The transnational partners’ meeting took place on 25.11 – 26.11 in Sopot, and allowed generating some of the most valuable outcomes of the project. After discussing pressing matters on the following stages of LEVEL UP! project, presentations and a thorough discussion on coaching and the related challenges took place. It was especially fruitful, because only one of the involved organizations (ACV) has a more extensive experience with coaching and mentoring. This way, the representatives of Social Innovation Centre and Polish Economic Society Gdansk branch were able to have a perspective on the necessary actions to use the potential benefits of coaching in the future. Another crucial aspect of the meeting was discussing and creating tools to ensure a thorough evaluation of project activities. The partners were exhausted, but agreed that this had been one of the most productive sessions.

Learning, training and teaching activity in Valencia, Spain

And then again, in Valencia our Beata and Ieva were accompanied by industry colleagues from the Social Entrepreneurship Association of Latvia, and had a wonderful chance to discover a truly impactful initiative carried out by Associacion Con Valores (ACV). The three day training event took place  on 29.11. – 01.12 and combined a valuable insight about the local specificity of the organization’s operation in the field of adult education and the scope of its specialization. The main theme of the meeting was to show the actual possibilities of cooperation with adults in the field of social incubation and entrepreneurship development and the possibility of supporting these activities by the hosting organization.

About Associacion Con Valores

Associacion Con Valores (ACV) is primarily a social entrepreneurship incubator focused at supporting people at risk of exclusion. The association is made up of business professionals who share their know-how in order to create a more just society using experiences and business contacts to support new companies created by socially excluded groups. As an organization that works on development of new methods, in 2019 ACV created an incubation model that covers various business profiles: entrepreneurs, business associations, universities, technology centers, public institutions, etc. At the moment more than 100 of these professionals volunteer and provide professional and specialist support in creating small businesses, which has proven to be one of the most successful practices implemented by the organization. Nonetheless, the most impact is achieved through a very individual approach towards incubation process and support of individuals, that in turn cultivates a tight-knit community. For many of the beneficiaries of the incubation the ability to share life struggles with others in a similar situation has been life changing.

Continuation of the project

The work on the project now continues within the involved organizations individually. The outcomes, impressions and valuable experiences from the visits are now used to discuss the potentially viable internal structural and organizational improvements therefore contributing to achievement of project goals. The project has succesfully reached its halfway point, and the future holds another few meetings that will take place in 2023. But not until warmer season starts – to ensure a more safe approach towards travel during Pandemic!

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This publication has been prepared within LevelUp! project No.2020-1-PL01-KA204-082188. The views expressed in this publication are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Commission.

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