Active youngsters meet in Italy to discuss aspects of sustainable society

From 12th to 14th of March 39 active youngsters visited small Italian town Molfetta to share their thoughts and reach a common opinion through discussions. Topics that were discussed included education, employment, environment, social isolation and civic participation.

This event was organized in the framework of project “A workshop in Sustainable Society” led by Associazione InCo (Molfetta). As a result of this event a common opinion was formed regarding the previously mentioned topics by providing ideas for improvement within these specific fields. These thoughts and opinions were presented to the Mayor of Molfetta Tommaso Minervini and other representatives of the city council before presenting them in the European Parliament.

The days of the workshop were made even better by the smiling local inhabitants, tasty coffee and the smell of the sea, which for many centuries had been the main source of income for local people of Molfetta.

Participants feel grateful to the Erasmus+/KA3 programme and Associazione InCo (Molfetta) for the opportunity to participate and be heard!

Take a look at video from the event:



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