MOOC for Social Innovation Leaders and Their Facilitators – “Unravel Tomorrow”

The two-year-long project “Unravel Tomorrow” is coming to an end and we are proud to provide you an insight into the future of social innovation through the prisms of 34 leaders interviewed during the project – social innovators, social entrepreneurs, leaders, dreamers, and designers from all over Europe. Based on the information gathered about current trends in the world, the “Unravel Tomorrow” project partners have created a training course or “a journey” for those, who did not have any chance to travel during the pandemic to learn and teach others. This course is relevant for both young people and adults who want to explore the world and make it better through community-building projects or social entrepreneurship tools. This is exactly what the “Unravel Tomorrow” project offers!

The “Unravel Tomorrow Learning Journey” offers learning resources to support educators, empowering new social entrepreneurs and social innovators to think about and learn from the experiences of changemakers, strengthen skills and develop ideas to take action. This digital course invites Learners to investigate new perspectives, think about what is emerging, be inspired by and learn from the pioneers to imagine and unravel a flourishing and inclusive tomorrow. The Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) follows six modules each gathering a set of related ideas, challenges, and dreams collected from social innovation pioneers’ experiences:

  • Systemic Sustainability: what is systemic sustainability and what kind of skills refer to it?
  • Parallel Perspectives: how to perceive parallel perspectives and how to support communities?
  • Community Power. When community power is revealed and what social capital is?
  • Simple Joys. What simple joys really mean and what do these bring to us?
  • Digital Darwinism. What Digital Darwinism is and how it goes together with Sustainable Development Goals?
  • Treasured Trash. What makes trash a treasure and what are the best cases to follow?

At the end of the course assessment test and certificate are provided, so do not miss the opportunity to challenge yourself!

Join the MOOC on social innovation and social entrepreneurship in English, Latvian, Portuguese, and Italian

MOOC introduction videos

For Learners

Thinking of starting a NEW social community project or an enterprise – visit our FREE online course and explore the “Unravel Tomorrow” regions to investigate new perspectives, think about what is emerging, be inspired by and learn from inspiring pioneers and their social actions. Packed with Videos, blogs, research, case studies and resources and challenges to help you learn new skills.

For educators:

Are you helping aspiring social entrepreneurs? Why not add our resources to your social enterprise training? The Unravel Tomorrow Learning Journey is a framework and learning resources to support educators empowering new social entrepreneurs in a collaborative economic environment. Download our Journal to investigate perspectives of tomorrow and meet our fantastic case studies in the Gallery:

Other “Unravel Tomorrow” project materials:


Learning journey has been produced within the “Unravel Tomorrow” project with the financial support of Erasmus+ programme. The project is based on previous cooperation and constitutes the continuation of the “Tomorrow’s Land” project. More about “Tomorrow’s Land” can be found on


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