International seminar on KA2 Strategic Partnership „CROSS OVER” in Prague, Czech Republic


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Social Innovation center took part in international seminar on Key Action 2 strategic partnership „CROSS OVER” in Prague, Czech Republic during 15 – 19 January this year. Participants were from 4 countries – Latvia, Lithuania, Croatia and Czech Republic.

“Cross Over” project, launched in 2014, addresses lack of good examples of cross-sectoral dialogue and cooperation between different sectors. Its aim is to improve the quality of KA2 Strategic Partnerships projects. By working together, all the organizations involved were asked to develop new approaches to youth work and establish cooperation over a longer period.

Participants of the 5-day training course were both from non-governmental sector and education institutions along with public sector.

The project was delivered in 3 phases. First, national phase was carried out in each participating country, where participants had a chance to learn more about Erasmus+ KA2 strategic partnership, cross-sectoral cooperation possibilities and quality aspects of projects.

The second phase was consultative and partner-finding phase. All the participants could find national or international partners for their own project ideas or join other projects using Trello collaboration platform.

Meeting in Prague was part of international phase. Participants could develop international partnership and work on their ideas individually or in teams with help from representatives of National Agencies.

After the training it was increased understanding of strategic partnership and also non-formal learning methods, as well one of the greatest benefits of the event was networking with representatives of various organizations.

As a result of the seminar SIC had an opportunity to join and participate in preparing an application for KA1 project with coordinating organization from Croatia, Split.

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