New project on development and promotion of social business within youth sector will start soon

New project under Erasmus+ KA2 programme „Development and promotion of social business within youth sector” will be started in October .

Project objectives

– Support alternative financing ways of youth social businesses in Baltic sea countries;

– To spread the idea of social entrepreneurship in Baltic states (LV, EE, LT) within youth sector;

– Provide the necessary competencies and support tools enable young people to develop social business ideas at regional, national or international level;

– Initiate further process with existing business incubators cooperation with youth NGO’s and youth centres for possible mechanisms how to facilitate development social business incubation for youth and the support and develop guidelines;

– Promote social entrepreneurship idea as positive trend to the society;

– Introduce with “Art-ups” and the creative – social entrepreneurship as one of possible ways for young people to start own social business;

– Encourage young people in innovative and creative thinking, collaborate and take risk;

– To promote good practices among local and international partners to achieve sustainable, collaborative, social business support within youth sector.

Project activities

– Observing in social business incubator with purpose to gain knowledge of practical issues, organization, risks and benefits and to deeply observe social business incubator in action.

– Recommendations for youth centres and youth organizations “How to facilitate development social business incubation for youth”. Guidelines intends to identify what mechanisms exist in Baltic Sea region countries to support SE business incubation in youth sector, what is efficiency of these methods, how to support youth SE incubation through youth centres and youth organizations.

– Adaptation of existing Crowd-funding platform for youth social entrepreneurship to offer financial support and networking possibilities for youth in Baltic countries, interested in social business.

– Training event “How to create proper business model for social enterprise” with aim to concentrate on stimulation of personal behaviour, which leads to social entrepreneurial activities.

Project timeline

Project activities ar planned from 3rd of October 2016 till 2nd of October 2017.

Project partners

Sociālās inovācijas centrs (Latvia)

Viesoji istaiga Bendruomeniu kaitos centras (Lithuania)

mittetulundusühing INVOLVED (Estonia)


Makesense (Francija)



This project is co-financed within Erasmus+ program KA2. The information and views set out in the project materials are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official opinion of the European Commission.

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