Polina Kolobova – Project Manager Assistant – Intern

Poļina Kolobova

Polina is currently studying political science in the University of Latvia and is seeking new opportunities to improve her skills and get new ones, find different challenges and also to work on subjects which matter to community and make the world a better place.

With internship experience in a public sector (gained in the Ministry of Welfare of Latvia) Polina is determined to get practical knowledge in non-governmental organization. This internship to her is a way how to realize her potential and at the same time to do an important job, making a positive contribution to society.

Polina believe – in life it is important to stand up for what you care about. “There are so many problems in the world that demand solution! Social Innovation Centre is the organization which contributes to solving some of them. I am convinced that by working together we can achieve very much.”

“I applied to Project Manager Assistant position, because it provides wide range of opportunities for career growth and I really want to understand the process. From the internship I’m expecting positive emotions, to extend working and living experience. It is very valuable investment in my professional and personal development.”


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