Envisioning the future of teaching and training for creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship


The project “Envisioning the future of teaching and training for creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship” (VISION) aims to advance Europe’s capacity and effectiveness in teaching and training for creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship (CIE). These three areas are recognized as essential for the development and readiness of societies to address global challenges and uncertain labour markets, yet knowledge about their teaching and training is highly fragmented and ever-changing. VISION will engage 120 global stakeholders and experts across higher education, business, policy and society.

Participation of different sectors is important in order to:

  • Co-create forward-looking knowledge on the role of education for creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship with a focus on the most aspects, such as digital transformation and skills alignment with the future of work.
  • Develop a series of user-friendly and practical materials to support educators (teachers, trainers, professors, tutors, mentors, coaches) to be future ready now, embracing the dynamic and constantly evolving content and tools shaping their work.
  • Ensure that knowledge remains relevant and up-to date.

The project will be organized across four thematic areas:

  • Social impact and relevance
  • Industry 4.0 & Future of work
  • Digital transformation
  • Readiness to tackle emergent topics & methods

It draws on an extended global network of actors and key influencers to ensure that knowledge is co-created and results are built and integrated into relevant extant initiatives

The key outputs of the project are:

(i) a compilation of visions on the future of teaching and training for CIE;

(ii) a variety of resources for educators such as podcasts, webinars, and platforms that deliver forward-looking knowledge as a usable guide;

(iii) an action plan for near-future initiatives that can inform policy makers.

VISION is implemented by a consortium of 13 partner organisations from Europe. Latvia is represented by ‘’Social Innovation Center’’. Project will carry on till the end of 2021 and it is financed by the European Union programme ‘’Erasmus+’’.

More information about the project is available at project homepage https://www.vision-project.org/

If you have any ideas for potential corporation, please contact project coordinator of Latvia, by sending an email to inese@socialinnovation.lv.

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