Preparing for Participatory Budgeting: Online Manual for PB Beginners, Users and Experts

 The “Empowering Participatory Budgeting in the Baltic Sea Region” (EmPaci) project is delighted to announce the launch of the Online Manual – a compilation of the knowledge, practices and sources dedicated to Participatory Budgeting (PB). It is designed for municipality councils and agencies responsible for citizen engagement and PB implementation, communication specialists, NGOs and citizen groups specifically interested in meaningful PB design on national, regional or local levels as well as a database for researchers.

Our Online Manual is a result of almost three years of work carried out by the project partners from Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Russia. It promotes the concept of PB, shares best practices and provides applicable tools and methodologies for PB implementation and improvement. The Online Manual is structured by the following themes:

01   Participatory budgeting explained – introduction to PB Type groups, PB design principles, PB blueprint, PB success factors and PB evaluation.

02   Citizen needs assessment – principles of designing questionnaires for analysing citizen needs before designing the PB process, the EmPaci citizen survey tool, citizen needs analysis in the Baltic Sea Region countries (beyond the scope of the project partners).

03   PB Communication and Dissemination (C&D) – principles and steps of designing a C&D Strategy, stakeholder analysis, types of communication, strategic partnerships for C&D purposes, etc.

04   Technical Tools for PB design – compilation of features, tools and reference architecture for the PB tool design, as well as best practices and materials for own explorations.

05   PB Pilots – PB status quo in the Baltic Sea Region countries and the EmPaci project PB piloting processes carried out within the EmPaci project PB pilots (Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia).

06   Training Manual – guidelines on how to gather resources and organise training on PB implementation, the EmPaci training experience and explanations on the Train-the-Trainer approach.

Each section of the Online Manual demonstrates the research and practical interventions performed within the EmPaci project. As a visually attractive and user-friendly tool, it contains textual, visual and audiovisual learning materials to be used in distinct stages of learning on PB. Also, the section Orgware contains materials and videos not only in English, but also in national languages of the project partners. Additionally it offers a glance into reports, tools and guidelines developed in other PB-focused initiatives.

Check it out to discover how the Online Manual can help to meet your needs!


After formal completion of the EmPaci project in December 2021, it will sustain through the international network PBbase aimed at sharing information and experiences regarding the implementation of PB in different local settings. The PBbase network can be followed through the LinkedIn PBbase account or the PBbase YouTube channel with a collection of training material on PB and recordings of EmPaci presentations in different languages.

Follow our webpage to find out more about the project. If you are interested in getting the support to develop your PB, please contact your national or the nearest EmPaci partner or seek contact through the PBbase network.

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