LevelUp! Project Launched to Exchange Good Practices

At the very beginning of the year 2021 Social Innovation Centre launched a project under the title “Level Up!”, where collaborative work will be done together with Polish Economic Society Gdańsk Branch from Poland,  and Asociacion Con Valores from Spain. During the project analysis of good practices in adult non-formal education will be conducted and experience shared among 3 organisations from Latvia, Poland and Spain in order to facilitate systematic improvement of trainers’ work quality and adapt the training content to participants with low professional skills or with specific needs.

The analysis of training systems will be focused particularly on adults up to 60 years of age and people at risk of social exclusion, age, place, and residence. The following aspects will be evaluated: the ways of reaching particular groups, diversification of training methods, preparation and support of trainers, evaluation in the educational process and long-term effects of training. The first steps will be dedicated to the preparation of documentation and a thorough self-analysis of the education methods to be shared across the partnership. The methods will be analyzed together with previously selected institutions after the data is gathered through in-depth interviews and questionnaires. Further consultation and interviews will follow to work out the recommendation and improve the operational capacities of partnering organizations and their impact.

The project activities will last for 2 years, incl. 7 international meeting with exchange of good practices. As a result, publication of the good coaching practices will be published based on project partners’ experience. The long-term sustainability of the project will be ensured thanks to a comprehensive database of key contacts with stakeholders . This will enable the project to move to the next phase of development, which will be a continuation of the practical use of the collected good practices by trainers, teachers, social workers, etc. Level Up! will involve at least 12 experts from 3 organizations from 3 countries, 12 learners directly involved in the project and minimum of 30 involved indirectly, at least 10 new partnerships created.

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