Apply for a youth exchange in Italy!

Very soon, in September 30th – October 8th [red.]*, a youth exchage about social entrepreneurship will take place in Treschietto (Bagnone), Italy. To ensure participation of Latvian delegation, we are looking for participants age 18-30 with motivation to learn more about this topic and get involved actively on the spot and after the project. Applications possible in until August 15 (see the link below).


In this project participants will enhance the business potential, international relations, we will share examples of social entrepreneurship and the way of doing business that has as its main purpose not the achievement of a profit but the improvement of the quality of life of as many people as possible. The project includes a series of interconnected activities in which people from different cultural backgrounds are encounter and experience non-formal and informal learning in an intercultural environment for multiple days.

Participant requirements:

  • Age 18-30
  • At minimum basic English communication skills
  • Interested in topics about community, youth entrepreneurship, economic growth, social entrepreneurship
  • Able to participate the whole duration of event (September 30 – October 8, +1 day maximum for arrival and departure)
  • Willing to commit to writing a short report about the event for our website and social media
  • Ability to present a valid Covid GreenPass certificate to ensure traveling to the venue


(preliminary plan that can still change)

Arrival day
Day 1 | Getting to know each other, project intro, self-discovery
Day 2 | Roles and patterns, communication and cooperation, problem solving
Day 3 | Identifying exclusion, social inclusion, experiential learning
Day 4 | Quality research, feedback, creativity
Day 5 | Cooperation with marginalized groups, open sharing, group experience
Day 6 | Active citizenship, city involvement experience, outdoor experience
Day 7 | Local communities, international cooperation, evaluation, closing and party
Departure day


The venue is “La Stele” Hostel located in Lunigiana, a territory between Emilia Romagna, Tuscany and Liguria. The travels should be planned on basis of travel to the Italian cities of Milan, Bologna, Turin, Genoa or Pisa, and then a train to Villafranca-Bagnone. The expenses of travel should not extend 275EUR for travel from your place of location in Latvia to the venue. The money will be reimbursed after the project, based on ability to present all originals of travel documents and receipts (electronic and paper tickets).

The participation fee of 25 euros is deducted from the expense of the travel plan.


Participants have the responsibility to strictly and carefully comply with the Italian national measures against the COVID-19 pandemic that can be consulted directly on the Italian government website and any measures requested by the host organization.
In particular, participants must:
1. Arrive at the project stage vaccinated in advance and certified by the green pass or with a negative COVID-19 PCR Test or COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test. The test is not reimbursed so the participants organize this expense in the best possible way by checking costs and solutions before purchasing the travel plan.
2. Avoid risky behaviors in the ten days before the project. In the event of a positive arrival in Italy, the participant is quarantined in a second facility at his own expense without receiving a refund.
3. Respect any new legislation that the Italian government may adopt during the project and any measures that the host association deems necessary for the health of each member of the project.

More information: 

* [red.] The initial dates of the event were set to September 21st-29th, but due to practical changes, the new dates are 30th September – 8th October, 2021.


This publication has been prepared within SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP_improve life not just profit, project no. 2019-3-IT03-KA105-017136. The views expressed in this publication are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Commission.

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