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Project summary

Project costs are paid by the grant from the Turkish YOUTH IN ACTION National Agency.

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The programme of the exchange is focused on the way of learning by mathematics. 42 young people from United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Hungary, Latvia and Turkey will participate in the project.

Project timeline: 8th to 15th of March, 2014

Project place:  Ankara, the capital of Turkey

The main organizer of the project, Gazi University, develops training courses and events related to attractive and original practices for physical, artificial and personal development combined methods with mathematics.

The aim of this project is to bring young people together and use the mathematical methods, games and applications to develop creativity and artistic skills of the participants, as well as promoting outdoor activities, sport and active lifestyle. It combines fun and attractive learning, development of new skills and connection between the other diciplines and mathematics. We will sometimes use mathematics in music, art, sport and drama.

Project results

The participants will work together to create an art and musical activity for a performance at the day of Pi in 14th of March on the stage of the Concert Hall of Gazi Universiy. They will prepare the decoration, and play an active role in musical an drama activities. The whole performance will be filmed and the video will be edited into a short movie.

Along with the activities, the participants will have the opportunity to see the local cultural and natural sides and visit one of the most important museums in Turkey which have the materials about traditional Turkish life-style, located at the city center in Ankara.

Project participants

  1. Gazi Üniversitesi (Turkey, Website)
  2. Stichting Diversiteitsland (Netherlands, Website)
  3. Cooperativa Sociale C & C Onlus (Italy, Website)
  4. Dulus Foundation (Spain)
  5. Be Enriched (United Kingdom)
  6. Compass Európai Ifjúsági Közösségért Egyesület (Hungary, Website)
  7. Social Innovation Centre (Latvia, Website)

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