Ms Margarita Lukjanska, ICT Expert

Margarita LukjanskaInformation and Communication technology (ICT) and social media communication responsible in SIC, an active promoter of social innovation and voluntary work.

Margarita keeps updated SIC website and social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook), prepares content and designs images that suit the best given content. She also actively participates in one of the ongoing SIC projects – FIT (ICT tools for people with disabilities).

Margarita’s life is interchanging between academic studies, professional career and different countries, the reason for that is seeking new challenges to develop skills in different areas and fields, to widen knowledge and to stay up to date with the recent advances in Information and Communication technology field. She hopes that right and effective technological advances through prism of social innovation will contribute to making people’s lives easier and happier.

During the last five years Margarita has studied and worked in Latvia, Italy, Turkey and France, obtained the Bachelor in Computer Science at University of Latvia (in 2007) and Master degree in Computer Engineering (Communication track) at Politecnico di Milano (in 2012). She has also finished one semester in Master of Social Sciences in Information and Communication Sciences programme at Riga Stradiņš University and participated in Multimedia Summer Camp for European media makers and activists in Sigulda, Latvia, organized by FEJS Latvia. At the same time she also tried her skills in education field, too, first, by volunteering as English teacher in kindergarten in Turkey in terms of EVS programme and later teaching at the Riga Technical University programming related courses.

CV of Margarita Lukjanska [PDF]

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