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Youth in Action LogoProject is funded in terms of Youth in Action programme (see programme details here).

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“My Voice Matters: a European Young Citizens’ Initiative” is a Youth Democracy project under the Youth in Action programme, sub-action 1.3, that involves 256 young people from 8 different organisations from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland.

Introduced by the Lisbon treaty, the EU’s citizens’ initiative enables like-minded citizens to ask the Commission to propose new laws on specific issues. Initiatives may relate to any policy area for which the Commission has the right to propose legislation, for example the environment, agriculture, transport or public health. This new provision is a significant step forward in the democratic life of the Union, as it provides a singular opportunity to bring young people citizens closer to European democracy and to foster greater cross-border debate about EU policy issues, especially on that ones that affect them directly.

In this frame the project aims to encourage young people to reflect and practice the “European citizens’ initiative” right, in order to foster their active participation in forming political opinions and decisions.

Overall, the main aim is to bring young citizens closer to the European democracy life in order to enable them to play a full part in a more democratic conscious society and live citizenship to the full.

Project timeline

Project activities are planned from January 2014 and till February 2015 .

Project activities

  1. February 2014: Online kick-off meeting
  2. February – March 2014: Local focus groups activitiesinvolving young people within each partner organisation locally in order to introduce the project and the European Citizens’ Initiative, and then to share their views on current youth policy issues, and come up with concrete ideas. Meetings will be held in each partner country involving 256 young people aged from 13-30 (32/each organisations or 64/each country) from all kinds of backgrounds + public administrations representative / policy-makers (2/country). Main conclusions will be collected in each partner country and published in the created website and partner’s social media channels. An interactive online portal will be created in order to raise awareness among other young people and potential stakeholders who wish to get informed about the project.
  3. April 2014: First transnational workshop – Venue: Marijampole, Lithuania. Duration: 7 days. Participants: 32 young people (aged from 18-30) from all participating countries. Young people attending the workshop will explore together what are a European Citizens’ Initiative, what can be proposed as a citizens’ initiative, who can organise a citizens’ initiative and how, sharing different experiences carried out in their local focus 3 groups and results emerged, final conclusions and evaluation. At the end of the workshop, participants will form a “young citizens’ committee”. Main methodologies: Danilo Dolci’s Reciprocal Maieutic Approach, peer learning.
  4. May – June 2014: Drafting the initiative proposal – as follow up of the 1st workshop, the main conclusions will be drafted in form of a common youth based initiative in order to launch a proper citizens’ initiative. According to the general procedures to register a proposed initiative, organisers will draft a document providing all required information for the registration of the proposed initiative.
  5. July 2014: Second transnational workshop – Venue: Sorkwity, Poland. Duration: 7 days. Participants: 32 young people (aged from 18-30) from all participating countries. During the workshop the proposed initiative will be presented and participants will explore the further steps for registration of the proposed initiative, analysis of other open/closed initiatives, further debate and reciprocal confrontation, so that, they will build their capacity to develop and implement European citizens’ initiatives in their future. The workshop will focus also on planning and developing follow up activities. More about here and video.
  6. August – September 2014: Final booklet – a short final booklet “My Voice matters: A European young citizens’ initiative” (digital format, 23/30  pages) will be created with the active involvement of all promoters, including the results of both  local and international activities. The guide will be free to download in the project website and available in different languages (LT,  EN, LV, PL, EE). All of the booklets are available here. The English version is here.
  7. November 2014 – February 2015: Final evaluation and follow up – participants discuss what they learned and what the community gained from the project. Partners support participants in the evaluation of their learning experience in their home countries and encourage participants in developing follow up activities and new projects. Participants will reflect the competences they gained during the project time. All participants will be informed and asked to fill in the necessary information to receive the Youthpasses.


  1. Project coordinator: Viešoji įstaiga „Sveikatingumo idėjos“ (Lithuania, Website)
  2. Marijampolės mokinių parlamentinė grupė (Lithuania, Website)
  3. Fundacja “Rodowo” (Poland, Website)
  4. Educational and Cultural Association of the Ketrzyn Community (Poland, Website)
  5. Social Innovation Centre (Latvia, Website)
  6. Kekavas Jaunatnes iniciatīvu centrs (Latvia, Website)
  7. MTÜ “EgoMind” (Estonia, Website)
  8. MTÜ “INVOLVED” (Estonia, Website)

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