Outputs of the project “Impactyouth” – guidelines, methodologies

We are glad to introduce you with results of project  “Development and promotion of social business within youth sector” is executed under the Erasmus+ program and co-financed by the European Union.

One of main results of the project is created crowd-funding platform for youth social business ideas of Baltic states. ImpactYouth welcomes social business ideas from Lithunanian, Latvian and Estonian youth as well as investors into their start-ups!

ImpactYouth builds upon its predecessor – crowdfunding platform kelkbures.lt which helped Lithuania‘s social entrepreneurs and their supporters find each other. The platform, established in 2009 is now re-born as an expanded social business crowdfunding space. This platform is developed as a part of project „Development and promotion of social business within youth sector”, co-financed within Erasmus+ program KA2 Strategic partnership in the field of youth.

Starting a business is a fascinating, yet demanding process. To kick- off a new venture, you will likely need not only determination and a good business idea, but also financial and moral support. ImpactYouth will help present your idea, check out its attractiveness to potential clients, and find promoters and financial support.

For those investing into startups, this is an opportunity to demonstrate their belief in a new venture, and promote desired change in the society.

Just small contributions by a group of like-minded people can make fantastic change!

We also are glad to introduce with Guidelines for youth organizationsHow to facilitate development of social business incubation for youth,  Intellectual output 1 of the Erasmus+ Key action 2: Strategic partnerships in the field of youth Project Development and promotion of social business within youth sector (reference number: 2016-2-LV02-KA205-001191)





We are happy to present two methodologies developed by the organization MakeSense (France), our partners in Erasmus+ project Development and promotion of social business within youth sector to promote social business and promote public awareness. We present two methodologies – Hold-up and SenseFiction.

HoldUp_cover pic

Hold-up! is a well-directed, mentored brainstorming where participants will help a social enterprise “dig” the best ideas for the development of the business. At the beginning of the event, the idea/business/solution owners present a very specific challenge, which requires new and fresh ideas, creative solutions. Subsequently, the participants in the event make suggestions, ideas and recommendations for solving the problem. Hold-up! is a low scale event requiring one social idea/business/solution challenge, mentor and 6-20 participants – young people who represent different spheres, with different experiences and views, but who are interested in solving social problems and are open to brainstorming for about 3 hours! You can find the Hold-up manual in English here:






A SenseFiction is a creativity workshop enabling citizens to create a social business project. From 3 hours to 2 days, in groups of 4-5 people, the participants are guided by a facilitator to build their project. You can find SenseFiction manuals in English  here:









Together we can make the world better!


Project “Development and promotion of social business within youth sector” is executed under the Erasmus+ program and co-financed by the European Union. Responsible for the content solely publisher/presenter; it does not reflect the views of the European Commission or any related financial body.

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