Parenting Innov’Actions has started

Project, which lasts 2 years (2016-2018) is co-financed by the European Union trough the Erasmus+ program, strategic partnership, adult education.

Parenting: Innov’Actions project aims to evaluate practices in the field of support of parenting, identify good practices in each country and implement innovative method for news parenting’s actions.

The project aims at reinforcing competence “sense of initiative and entrepreneurship” for developers of projects of parenting support. It will make it possible to the professionals to pass from the idea to the act: capacity to create, innovate, take chances.

Today the stakeholders of these actions (associations, local communities, public institutions) will need to be trained, to confront other practices for innovation.

This practices exchanges project between 4 European partners aims at:

  1. Evaluate existing practices in parenting support
    • Elaboration of an evaluation tool co-built
    • Capitalization of experiences and knowledge
    • Identifying good practices (strengths and weaknesses)
  2. Develop the skills of project trainers/developers
    • Project of accompanying training to the innovative approach
    • Development of innovative local initiatives in the field of parenting in associated families needs
    • Dissemination of common tools
  3. Federate partners around parenting
    • Pooling and capitalize contexts and practices of each partner
    • Construction and testing of common tools

Parenting Innov’Actions gather different professional profiles in order to achieve the goals of the project:

  1. Fédération Régionale Familles Rurales des Pays de la Loire, FRANCE
  2. Skudutiskio Akademija, LITHUANIA
  3. Casa Do Povo Messines, PORTUGAL
  4. Social Innovation Center, LATVIA

Project management team met at 1st meeting in Angers, France, 24th-25th of November, 2016.  The objectives of this meeting was:

– learning to know each other better;
– understanding partners realities about Parenting: Innov’Actions project interest;
– validating objectives, results and action plan;
– clarifying the administrative and financial monitoring;
– elaboration of an evaluation grid of good practices in parenting support co-built.

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Project identification No. 2016-1-FR01-KA204-024196

Social Innovation Centre Project manager: Anita Stirāne


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