Project “Green Minded” has started

We are proud to announce that the kick-off meeting in the international project “Green Minded” has taken place online, and the partners are looking forward to the forthcoming activities in the next two years. During this project we will focus on engaging young adults on topics around environmental issues and active citizenship. By the end of it we plan on presenting a wholesome learning pack that consists of a curriculum, training materials and an e-learning course in Moodle platform to be used by youth workers in their efforts towards building awareness about greener future and actions we individually can take to achieve it.

So why was the project initiated? We wish to increase the available support for using the potential that young adults have in contributing to the eradication of environmental problems, or to put in other words – building a climate-neutral, green, fair and social Europe (following UN 2030 Global Goals for Sustainable Development, priority in EU Strategic Agenda 2019-2024). In particular, the Nordplus Adult Collaboration project “Green Minded” is aimed at:

  • increasing young adults’ awareness about environmental problems;
  • changing their thinking and behavior in different areas: home, workplace and leisure;
  • enhancing environmental social entrepreneurship and active citizenship (including possibilities by EU
    Green Deal, EU Climate Pact, etc.)

We are happy to collaborate with “Ziniu kodas” (the managing partner) from Lithuania and INVOLVED NGO from Estonia in this ambitious project. The Baltic States has the lowest Environmental Performance Index comparing to other Nordic countries, therefore the impact area of the project was set to be exactly on these countries. Employing a smart usage of resources, the participating organizations will be able to combine their strengths and competencies to develop a common curriculum, e-learning platform and materials that would be culturally appropriate in all three of the sates simultaneously.


This material is part of the project “Green Minded”, financed by the Nordplus program “Nordplus Adult”, project identification number NPAD-2021/10159. The content of the publication is the sole responsibility of the publisher, and the Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science – the Administrator of Nordplus Adult is not liable for any use that may be made of the information.

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