Project “My Kitchen is Your Kitchen!”

Project summary

Project “My Kitchen is Your Kitchen!” runs in terms of the Erasmus+ programme with the aims not only to improve the integration and tolerance among the project countries, but also to positively contribute towards solving youth unemployment problem.

Project objectives

The specific objectives of this project are:

  • To acquire the participants a greater awareness of different cultures, mutual respect and tolerance, as a function of increased integration and active citizenship;
  • Give the opportunity for these participants to be active participants in a public event that will enrich their skills / competencies across, as well as their curriculum in a vision of a greater future marketability;
  • Give participants the opportunity to meet with the exchange of best practices related to the different active citizenship realities.


Project activities

In particular, this project is an exchange that will last six days, with activities that revolve around the themes of integration, personal and professional empowerment, cultural differences through traditional cuisine and the use of audiovisual tools for the dissemination of the results, all through methodologies of non-formal education such as learning by doing, role playing, simulations, round tables and sharing capabilities.

From 12 to 13 July 2016 the 1st activity was held in Palermo, Italy for leaders of youth groups to design the activity programme for youth Exchange in the beginning of September.

From 01 to 08 September 2016 in youth exchange from 6 countries (Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden) 4 participants (of which at least 2 in condition NEET) and 1 more youth leader will participate. The exchange will take place in Palermo and the result in the long term we are looking at is a greater integration and tolerance among young people from different cultures, as well as increased entrepreneurship culture and mobility.



Coordinating Organisation

Participating partners organizations:


Erasmus+ LogoThis project is co-financed within Erasmus+ program. The information and views set out in the project materials are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official opinion of the European Commission.

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