Project “Own Business as a Career Opportunity” youth exchange in Lithuania

Own Business as a Career Opportunity
On November 16-23, 2014 in Lithuania our participants went to the project “Own Business as a Career Opportunity” . There were 28 participants from Lithuania, Germany, Latvia (including SIC representatives) and Turkey. During an exchange program participants learned about the importance of personality characteristics of the business, learned the business rules for the preparation, learned to adapt their business idea in a formal and informal environment environment.
Project Own Business as a Career Opportunity “activities was to implement these goals:
  • Create opportunities of their own businesses who think young people to share good practices;
  • Through non-formal education methods (group work, simulations) to involve participants in a joint project ideas related to the business development of problem-solving techniques, generation;
  • To promote international cooperation among young entrepreneurs;
  • To develop the competencies required for business creation and skills;
  • Increase participants’ motivation to create and develop business in Europe;
  • To develop cultural awareness and tolerance.
After the activities of the project, participants learned about the business important personality characteristics, learned the business rules for the organization (business plans, legal base), learned from their business ideas to the business environment. Participants learned how properly choose the owning skills, personal qualities and use them purposefully to and implementation of their business idea. Participants looked at a variety of resources that they have to create their business ideas, developed ideas and introduced them to others. Project participants also increased their English language skills, learned to get to know others, how to express themselves, live among the other cultures and adapt to a multicultural environment.
Project activities were held in a mixed groups in order to know each other, discuss and compare business situations in other countries. Different cities and countries participating in the experience of the real conditions made it possible for foreigners to learn tolerance, to gain experience on how to deal with youth entrepreneurship-related issues between the different business cultures. Being together and shared ideas contributed to the generation of old stereotypes regarding the new EU members retardation pollutant destruction. Germany, Latvia, Turkey and Lithuania proved to be an excellent environment for business development. Also, the project participants found the inner entrepreneur characteristic features, which will help in the future to set up and successfully develop their businesses, and acquired knowledge and skills will ensure the quality of the business and the opportunity to expand into other markets.
During the project, we found that participants have taken seriously the opportunity to build a business and being very proactive. Young people did intensive tasks, actively participated in the discussions and had time to ask questions they brought with them. The project partners did a great job selecting only motivated participants and team leaders.

Funded by

European Union and Kaunas municipality

Project is implemented by

  • VŠĮ “VERSLO INICIATYVA”, Lithuania (Website)

Project partners

  • Social Innovation Centre, Latvia (NVO, Website)
  • Stadt Detmold (Germany)
  • UCARLİ GENÇLİK DERNEĞİ, Turkey (Website)

Project is designed by

Erasmus+ KA1 Learning Mobility of Individuals, Mobility of learners and staff. Action type – Youth mobility.

erasmus plus

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