Project “Teachers and pupils STEM competence development in elementary school” has been started


We are living in a fast paced and developing technological era, where every skill we teach our children needs to increase children’s ability to find their path in life. Today’s children will need to be multifunctional, flexible and demonstrate ability to solve challenges efficiently.


Our lives are deeply connected to advanced technology, where every part of our daily lives is related to science – STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) in one way or another. Whether the daily STEM connection is through your phone, wearable tech, computer or everyday objects, such as television, washing machine, dishwasher, car or an electric/induction stove.

With increasingly high-tech world we live in, we are on the other hand short in strategic approaches towards promotion of relevant technology related knowledge in schools. Nowadays children do not decide to pursue a STEM oriented education and later on a STEM carrier. Latvian, Estonian, Slovenian and Lithuanian elementary schools lack specific subjects that give an insight into the newest technologies. During research of informal education of pupils, it was pointed out that in Baltic only 4-6% of students attended educational courses related to technical/technological creation (2013-2015). The number is more than critically low.

Critically low level of technical and technology related subjects within compulsory education, points to the growing gap between the high-tech world where STEM professionals are a must and the real situation in the field of education where STEM in a way to encourage STEM in hands-on experiences is not promoted.

Therefore, the Erasmus+ project “Teachers and pupils STEM competence development in elementary school” amongst the Latvian leading partner Social Innovation Centre and partners VseUk Institute (Slovenia), Põltsamaa Co-Educational Gymnasium (Estonia), Vilniaus Gedimino technikos universiteto inzinerijos licejus (Lithuania) and Ķekavas vidusskola (Latvia) will promote STEM in elementary schools in Baltic states. Overall objective object of the project is to  foster competence of STEM, raise knowledge and interest about green technologies, technical creativity and environmentally friendly production/manufacturing, enhancing best practices & educating opportunities – involving teachers, pupils, stakeholders and  parents. Through the preparation of hands-on materials for teachers, alongside with the information to the parents on STEM importance,we hope to spread the awareness of STEM necessity in formal and informal curriculum.

Specific objectives:

-develop specific STEM competencies of teachers in the fields of green technologies, technical creativity and science subjects  to foster interest of pupils about mentioned  areas;

-foster society`s (parents, youth centres, municipalities, informal education groups) understanding about necessity of STEM for (grade 5-8) pupils, as potential entrepreneurs/scientists, and technology creators.

Planned project’s period: 01/12/2017 – 30/11/2019

Partnership consists of:

Sociālās Inovācijas Centrs  lead partner 

Põltsamaa Co-Educational Gymnasium find more here:

Vilniaus Gedimino technikos universiteto inzinerijos licejus find more here:

Ķekavas vidusskola find more here:

Zavod VseUk  – hyperlink or link



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