SIA4Y project local event – youngsters learning about information access

On April 25th almost 50 young people from all around Latvia met at the European Union House in Riga to learn more about the access and freedom of Information. This event was organized in the framework of the project “Strengthening civil society rights by information access for European youth”.

During the first part of the day youngsters learned about various aspects of Freedom of Information – What is information? Why do we need to access it? Who can request information from public institutions? – those were among the questions that were answered during the theoretical part of the event. Participants engaged in discussions and gave their opinions, therefore making the lecture active and lively. After learning about some of the tools for presenting and disseminating informative materials in an attractive and interactive way, youngsters split into groups and worked on their own informative presentations. The results were very creative and interesting! Some chose to make colorful posters, some made videos, another group decided to make an interactive quiz while some youngsters even went out and made a social experiment by interviewing people on the streets! Teams with the most interesting ideas for the presentation of information were awarded prizes.  Overall all participants returned home with gains – new contacts and friends, and new knowledge about the importance of civic participation and accessing information from their schools, municipalities and government institutions.

Watch how it went in a short video here: 

And watch a short introduction to the theoretical part of the event in the video below:

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