Social innovation – way of living

The project aims to promote social entrepreneurship as a new approach to solve unemployment and provide sustainable development of Latvia and Lithuania via overtaking Norwegian experience of social approach.

The direct target group are unemployed, including youth, the disabled and long-term unemployed – at least 100 people in regions of Latvia and 20 in Lithuania. At least 480 virtual participants as internet users and 17 trained specialists in municipalities of Latvia 5 trained specialists from Lithuania.

The activities of the project will increase the competence of the unemployed by creating and providing informative and motivational activities.


  1. training seminars in 3 Latvian regions for unemployed;
  2. one train the trainers training lead by expert from Norway;
  3. the e-environment creation for the promotion of social entrepreneurship
  4. video lectures on the practical aspects of social entrepreneurship
  5. social entrepreneurship beginners guide
  6. social entrepreneurship support measures development for municipalities.

We expect that activities will have a long term impact on the knowledge level of social entrepreneurship and social innovation via trained regional specialists, suggestions for municipalities and available video and info materials, as well as well developed e-environment.

More about Nordic Council of Ministers’ Grant Programme for Nordic-Baltic Non-Governmental Organisations’ (NGO) Cooperation 2013 Latvia

Project title: „Social innovation – way of living”
Project timeline: 01.09.2013. – 31.03.2014.
Project financed by: Nordic Council of Ministers and SIC
Project budget: 8776.97 LVL
Financed by Nordic Council of Ministers: 8338.18 LVL


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