SIC objective is to promote Social Art and Social Design as disciplines that seek for sustainable, responsible, effective and efficient solutions that increase well-being of every society member and/or draw the attention of the society to its challenging problems motivating to seek resolutions.

Similarly to the term Social Innovation there is also no specific definition for the terms Social Art (related terms also: Social Artistry, Social Practice) and Social Design. Depending on the contexts they are used the meaning may vary as well.

Very often though these terms are associated with the social responsibility, agents of social change, bringing shifts that are beneficial for the whole society and improve its well-being, as well as activism in the sense of drawing attention to the relevant and actual political, economical, environmental, social etc problems within the society and communities around the globe.

The Social Art and Social Design tries to tackle the issues of the disabled, poor, unemployed and other underrepresented parts of the society, questioning the current status quo and modern ‘western’ world design solutions. The Social Art is also often related to the educational and medical treatment art methods.

Even though Social Design sometimes gets criticized as trying to solve merely the consequences and not the deeper causes, it along with the Social Art are becoming both popular and acknowledged around the world. Being incorporated in curriculum of different educational establishments, founding the related collaboration hubs, conducting related research, starting up individual creative initiatives and producing relevant publications about the topics.

One may name many examples – the hub at the Stanford University bringing together students of different disciplines where they can work on messy world challenges,  the initiative of the Santa FE University of Art and Design “Artists for Positive Social Change“, the Change Observer channel devoted to the many dimensions of design for social innovation, the System Design and Management master’s program at MIT aiming to educate in using systems thinking to solve large-scale, complex challenges in product design, development, and innovation and one could continue with many more relevant examples.

Find out more about Social Art and Social Design and related examples in our featured stories to come soon!

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