Sow respect, harvest citizens

Saw respect-harvest citizens

“Sow Respect, Harvest Citizens” is a youth exchange project between the EU member countries where every participant will have a chance to improve his/her concept of respect of different cultures and learn from each other about the relevance to be a European citizen.

In the exchange there will participate 27 youngsters (18-25 years old) from 3 different countries – Croatia, Italy and Latvia.

The common activities for all the youngsters will take place from 2nd till 7th of June, 2014, whereas the whole project will run during the period of 356 days: there are planned simulations, sharing activities, visits to see some examples of active citizenship in Palermo, round table for reflections and discussions. The non formal methodology will be used for these activities.

The exchange will take place in Marineo (Palermo), Italy, the heart of the Mediterranean Sea.

The theme will be not only importance of the integration between different cultures, but also – the responsibilities that come with being a European citizen.

The aims of this project:

  • to improve the knowledge (and so the tolerance) of different European cultures,
  • to discuss what means to be an European citizen,
  • what opportunities there are for European citizens,
  • how to develop an active citizenship.

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