The European Citizens’ Initiative explained

European Citizens Initiative

In terms of the project “My Voice Matters: a European Young Citizens’ Initiative” participants created a video that explains European Citizen’s Initiative in less than 2 min.


Youth in Action LogoProject is funded in terms of Youth in Action programme (see programme details here).

“My Voice Matters: a European Young Citizens’ Initiative” is a Youth Democracy project under the Youth in Action programme, sub-action 1.3, that involves 256 young people from 8 different organisations from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland.

Introduced by the Lisbon treaty, the EU’s citizens’ initiative enables like-minded citizens to ask the Commission to propose new laws on specific issues. Initiatives may relate to any policy area for which the Commission has the right to propose legislation, for example the environment, agriculture, transport or public health. This new provision is a significant step forward in the democratic life of the Union, as it provides a singular opportunity to bring young people citizens closer to European democracy and to foster greater cross-border debate about EU policy issues, especially on that ones that affect them directly.

In this frame the project aims to encourage young people to reflect and practice the “European citizens’ initiative” right, in order to foster their active participation in forming political opinions and decisions.

Overall, the main aim is to bring young citizens closer to the European democracy life in order to enable them to play a full part in a more democratic conscious society and live citizenship to the full.

Learn more about the project here.

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