The Project “Māksla kā iespēja (Art as opportunity)” under Erasmus+ KA1 is launched

Māksla kā iespēja


Two mobilities the job shadowing and training course will be carried out during the project “Art as opportunity”.

Project objectives

  • Gain knowledge about socially oriented art projects implementation and the development of partnerships for future cooperation on development of social art direction in Latvia;
  • To learn new, creative, innovative teaching and personality developing methods and transfer best practices for the future use of this knowledge in training and innovation transfer projects in adult education.

The specific objectives of the project

  1. to carry out shadowing of partner organization;
  2. to participate the dynamic personal development training;
  3. to consult on the future mentoring and cooperation on knowledge approbation SIC future work;
  4. conceptually agree on future cooperation on projects.

Impact and benefits of the project

This mobility project is the first step to develop in Latvia platform for social art and stimulate social entrepreneurship through art with not pnly direct impact on learning process, but also perspective of opportunity of self development.

Project activities

During the first mobility representative of Social innovation centre Anita Stirāne will observe the partner organization Cultural Association VIAINDUSTRIAE (Italy) (learn more about organization here). The Cultural Association VIAINDUSTRIAE is working in a fragile area in the middle of Italy with marginalized areas with many social strains (isolation, unemployment, racial integration). In this context the association is promoting varied social art projects. Justification of mobility is promotion of new, innovative teaching and learning methods and not only the social art as tool for social engagement and teaching methodology, but as platform for social entrepreneurship. The aims of the mobility are introduce with organization and philosophy of organization; introduce with organization of activities from idea to the social intervention; share best practices in the field social art, exchange between social organization and creative organizations, establish long future cooperation during projects and mentoring.

In the second mobility A.Stirāne will participate in training course “Event Wise Training”, provided by Olde Vechte Foundation (Netherlands) (learn more about organization here). It is an organization with a long experience in non-formal education, personal development, and coaching, social and cultural work. Event Wise is a dynamic personal development training that equips you with tools and techniques that increase your abilities to achieve personal and professional success while enjoying life.

Project timeline

Project activities are planned from 1st of August 2016 till 31st of January 2018.


Project partners

  1. Cultural Association VIAINDUSTRIAE (Italy, Website)
  2. Olde Vechte Foundation (Netherlands, Website)
  3. Social Innovation Centre (Latvia, Website)



This project is co-financed within Erasmus+ program KA1 . The information and views set out in the project materials are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official opinion of the European Commission.

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