Training course for youth workers “Uni-verse-a integral life practice”

A youth worker is the one who can inspire and encourage young people to take necessary steps towards more balanced and meaningful life. To lead such process he has to be balanced and has to have his own meaningful  path discovered. Led by this goal, Social innovation centre has undertaken a leading role in the project “Uni-verse-a integral life practice”. This project will concentrate on the concept of the “integral and personal development” as the  non-formal education method to stimulate personal and professional development, leading to the emotionally and physically balanced youth.

The objectives of the “Uni-verse-a integral life practice” project is creation, approbation and dissemination of new knowledge and skills to help youth workers better understand, support and encourage youth in their professional life by proper personal development and relevant life planning. This project will develop specific skills and intelligence addressed to solve the challenges of professional and personal life.

The training course is addressed towards youth workers of all 9 project partner countries – Latvia, Romania, Spain, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Armenia, Italy and Ukraine. 3 youth workers form each partner country will participate in a 5 day-long seminar in the beautiful Rāmava manor in May 2019. Course will be led by experienced trainers who are highly competent in the field of emotional and physical health and personal development.

The activities of the training course will be based on two theories – integral life practice, which includes development of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual activities and on the multiple intelligences theory. Based on these theories participants will find out their inner core and how their uniqueness could be used in everyday life, hence these skills will help support youth to choose proper career development and build a life plan. Participants will improve their awareness and knowledge of integral life practice, they will understand the meaning of integral development and its outcomes, they will become more balanced, and learn how to improve the equilibrium between different aspects of personal and professional life. After this training course youth workers will become more aware of different methods and tools that will help them to lead young people towards more balanced life.

See more information about the training course as well as the programme  here: Uni-verse-a integral life practice


Project partners:

  • Social Innovation Centre, Latvia
  • Asociatia Tinerilor Cu Initiativa Civica, Romania
  • Fundación Canaria Insular para la Formación, el Empleo y el Desarrollo Empresarial, Spain
  • Stowarzyszenie Projektow Miedzynarodowych “INPRO”, Poland
  • Tarptautinis bendradarbiavimo centras , Lithuania
  • Asset Based Community Development Innovation Center, Armenia
  • Associazione Let’s Keep Learning Onlus, Italy
  • Civic Organization “Development and Initiative”, Ukraine
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