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erasmus plus“Veni Vidi Comedi: The Cooking Europe Project” is designed to develop a sustainable practice around European culinary culture adapted to a fast living society, through a practice of autonomy and DIY (Do It Yourself) approach by linking everyday food with gastronomy and healthy life style. It is financed by European Union, Eramus+ KA1 programme.

Although the food is central to daily life, tradition, culture and civilisation, thousands of young people in Europe have to solve their daily issue of alimentation while lacking time, money, knowledge and cooking experience. Erasmus students, young people in the beginning of their career, free movers, daily workers or unemployed people cannot afford to eat in restaurants every day. Lots of them end up buying fast food or cheap food of poor quality. However, food is also about life skills and citizenship not only in the context of a national framework, but also at European level. It is concerned with nutrition, food hygiene and health promotion as much as it is with the pleasure of eating well, it’s integral part of our psychical health.

Vedi Vidi Comedi aims to create in the long term, a community discussing about how to prepare your own food and educate young people to become creators of their food in daily life instead of being consumers only. The project promotes a healthy and sustainable food culture and aims to contribute to the cultural integration among the youth in Europe through the circulation of various international culinary practices. Food is a tangible reflection of geography, history, and culture; there are not many more pleasurable ways to become well acquainted with a country than through its gastronomy [1].

Specific objective of the project
An easy to use, interactive and collaborative multi platform tool (website, application, community forum, e-book) proposing adapted, healthy and sustainable recipes and food-related information for people on the move, especially for international students, young people in the beginning of their career, free movers, daily workers and unemployed people.

Main priorities of this project are as follows:

  • Promotion of inter-regional and cross-border partnerships through the creation of an easy to use, interactive and collaborative educational resource tool and a transnational community on European everyday food practices, recipes and health.
  • Promotion of the idea of cooking one’s own healthy and nutritious meals by creating a collection of easy but quality recipes and pushing people to create their own meals instead of going to fast food chains or buying semi-finished products.
  • Providing the Veni Vidi Comedi “Short Cooking Learning Workshop” at a local level and in partner regions with the participation of VET organisations (Vocational Education and Training).

Project partnerorganizations:

  • Coordinating organization: LISEL, Luxembourg (Website)
  • Sociālās inovācijas centrs, Latvia (NGO, Website)
  • Fuori Programma, Italy
  • CulturePolis, Greece (Website)
  • Creative Web Applications, Greece (Website)

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