VISIT IN RIGA | LevelUp partners meet in Riga for learning and training activity

On the last week of April Social Innovation Centre hosted a very fruitful and inspiring learning and training activity in Riga. The guests from Polish Economic Society Gdańsk Branch from Poland,  and Asociacion Con Valores were able to get the necessary training and visit local initiatives that offer invaluable work with community on the local level. Social Innovation Centre has thus completed the participation in the project and is looking forward to using the gained knowledge and experiences for substantial improvements in own work.

From April 27th until 29th, 2022, another activity of the Level Up! Project took place implemented by members from Poland, Spain and Latvia dedicated to the exchange of good practices. This meeting was a three-day training event in Riga (Latvia) and was combined with the presentation of partner organizations in the field of the social economy and increasing participatory activity conducted by Social Innovation Centre.

During three intense days of common learning, we had the opportunity to raise our competences in the field of educational and training activities and to be inspired by the huge work and influence that third sector organizations exert on the entire region and country. Conversation with Social Entrepreneurship Association of Latvia allowed to understand the development and current situation on social impact policies and financing in Latvia, and the following discussion provided a valuable exchange of the realities in the participating countries, resulting in conclusions about necessary improvements.

Then in conversation with Fonds Dots about their initiative – conversation festival LAMPA, everyone could explore the necessity as well as innovative methodologies in raising public discussion and awareness on socially relevant topics in a democratic way. Community engagement was further explored with Agenskalna Market and their newly renovated community hub premises, but innovative approaches towards adult education methodologies – with Riga Circus in their temporary premises. Connecting with the visited organizations has inspired for new initiatives and other connections among the actors participating in the visit.

Social Innovation Centre has successfully completed collaboration within the project effective May 1st. The project has allowed gaining valuable insights in the work of organization, as well as new approaches of work within the field, and to discuss the aspects of the reality and needs of the adult education. All of this will be used and has increased the perception of necessary improvements to providing quality education to adult learners.

Read more about this project HERE.

This publication has been prepared within LevelUp! project No.2020-1-PL01-KA204-082188. The views expressed in this publication are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Commission.

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