Workshops on Teaching and Coaching For Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

During the summer 2020, VISION project partners from various sectors have conducted more than 120 interviews with stakeholders of 4 main focus areas of the project. The interviews with education experts, tech, social and conventional entrepreneurs, NGOs and social funds, trainers, activists, and other experts were transcribed, coded, and analyzed to identify the trends and challenges in teaching and coaching for creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship (CIE), which will be the cutting edge issues by 2030.

Following the work on data provided by the interviewees, VISION partners are now in the phase of holding the workshops and discussing the data collected and summarized. The workshops are done in several stages:


  • Internal consolidating workshops | Thematic area leaders of 4 abovementioned areas discuss the main insights from the interviews. A total of 4 internal workshops are organized online with the use of Ideaclouds tool, which enables to present the insights and rate them according to the level of potential relevance in the year 2030. This phase is perceived as the first preparation stage for discussions with external VISION experts.
  • External consolidating workshops | In total 4 online workshops invite internal (first 2 workshops) and external (second 2 workshops) project experts to discuss the main insight from the interviews and draw 10 years journey for the development of trends enabling changes in teaching and coaching CIE. Ideaclouds tool allows to rate and discuss the trends and prepare for the last phase of discussion.
  • Immersive workshop | The immersive workshop will be held in January 2021 and will discuss the overall VISION on teaching and coaching CIE. Project partners will develop scenarios, discuss and identify overlaps, common, and divergent themes to prepare the insights for the reporting.

The consolidation workshops are organised during October and November 2020. Social Innovation Centre (SIC), which is leading the Social impact and relevance area (Area A) explorations together with Social Impact Exchange (SIX), was responsible for conducting online workshop on 13th  of November. This week 2 more workshops will allow to summarize all insights from 4 thematic areas and draw a narrative for the workshops with external experts. During the workshops, insights from 120 interviews will be presented and reviewed internally.


Online workshops on teaching and coaching CIE in 2030

Workshops including external experts in education, social impact, EdTech and other fields will be organised on 23th or 27th of November 13:00-15:00 CET (same time for both workshops).

If you would like to take part in one of the consolidation online workshops, please contact beata@socialinnovation to receive more info and access.


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