Youth of Kaunas, Detmold, Riga and Dijarbakir will develop their own business ideas

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The international project “Own business as a career opportunity” will soon take place in Kaunas city starting on November 16, Sunday! Twenty eight 18-26 years old motivated youngsters of Kaunas (Lithuania), Detmold (Germany), Riga (Latvia) and Dijarbakir (Turkey) will meet to show that their own business and own business ideas could be an alternative to the usual career!

All participants will come with their own business ideas and will be involved in 8 days length training and learning from each other. During the project participants will attend in various non-formal trainings, lectures and discussions, simulation training (EcoSim Adam, EcoSim Maynard and EcoSim Daniel simulation games). Youngsters will also do the monitoring and analysis of real business cases and meet with local entrepreneurs in the region – this will broaden their knowledge and inspire for their own business ideas.

In addition to this participants will actively involve in working in group tasks and will make new international friends. Each participant will get the opportunity to represent his or her country during national events: know more about business environment, meet the culture, traditions, try some national dishes and the most important – will have chance to exchange and discuss their own business ideas that this meeting will hopefully inspire.

Funded by

European Union and Kaunas municipality

Project is implemented by

  • VŠĮ “VERSLO INICIATYVA”, Lithuania (Website)

Project partners

  • Social Innovation Centre, Latvia (NVO, Website)
  • Stadt Detmold (Germany)
  • UCARLİ GENÇLİK DERNEĞİ, Turkey (Website)

Project is designed by

Erasmus+ KA1 Learning Mobility of Individuals, Mobility of learners and staff. Action type – Youth mobility.

erasmus plus

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