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PROJECT RESULTS | Achievements of project “GreenMinded”

After several years of hard work, the “GREENMINDED” project ended on April 30. As part of it, a series of trainings, activities and educational materials were created – all of them can be seen in one place in this post.

This cooperation project “Green Minded” of the Nordplus adult program (Nordplus Adult) aimed at:

  1. promoting the awareness of young adults about environmental problems;
  2. changing their thinking and behavior in a range of settings: at home, at work and in their free time;
  3. improve environment-related social entrepreneurship and active civic participation (including opportunities in the EU Green Deal program, the EU Climate Pact, etc.).

Together with experienced partners “Ziniu kodas” (leading partner) from Lithuania and INVOLVED NGO from Estonia, a series of useful materials for leaders of youth activities was created. With these results, we successfully reached several hundred young people in all Baltic countries. Here is how the project results look like!


ECO-INITIATIVE | Online campaign for reducing food waste
ECO-INITIATIVE | Day and night outdoors to foster environmental awareness of kids
ECO-INITIATIVE | Eco-conscious hike
ECO-INITIATIVE | Clothes swap corner in local cafe
ECO-INITIATIVE | Movie night about biodiversity
ECO INITIATIVE | A day without car in Alsunga
ECO-INITIATIVE | Poster campaign about veganuary
TRAINING | Ten young adults have been trained in organizing green-minded activities
TRAINING | Online training about using GreenMinded educational modules

This material is part of the project “Green Minded”, financed by the Nordplus program “Nordplus Adult”, project identification number NPAD-2021/10159. The content of the publication is the sole responsibility of the publisher, and the Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science – the Administrator of Nordplus Adult is not liable for any use that may be made of the information.

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