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social innovation

Social innovation refers to the design and implementation of new solutions that imply conceptual, process, product, or organisational change, which ultimately aim to improve the welfare and wellbeing of individuals and communities.


main characteristics

Social innovation complex, which is why here are a few key concepts to help you recognize it better.

social impact

It is the impact that is created by processes, services and products that aim at solving challenges of the society.


It is always a new solution, approach or system in a particular place and time.


Best results are ideally achieved in collaboration of civic society, private and public sectors.


The solutions are lasting, regenerative and resilient.


Every member of society is involved in creation and implementation of new significant and useful solutions.


Every social innovation depends on the place, time, involved actors and their needs. At the same time - it can take place just about anywhere and any time.

in the ideal world, social innovation is a part of everyday life

✓ problems of society are solved with targeted data-based solutions in collaboration of different sectors

✓ there is available financial, information and administrative support of the public sector for driving social innovation

✓ nongovernmental organizations that are experts in needs and challenges of particular groups of society are recognized and their opinion – valued

✓ development of knowledge and skills about the possibilities within social innovations are included within all layers of education

✓ research about social innovation is one of pillars for creating sustainable and data-driven solutions


Social innovation is a solution that is relevant in particular time and place. Here you will see recent as well as past examples.

A government initiative, that allows obtaining a digital entity for using the privileges issued for entrepreneurs and digital nomads.

E-rezidentūra Igaunijā
E- Residency in Estonia

A reduced-hour working model, which seeks to prioritise working smarter with the goal of increased wellbeing for employees.

4 darba dienu nedēļa
4 day working week

Online platform that makes artworks and 360 ° tours of the most significant museums accessible to anyone from anywhere.

Google Arts & Culture
Google Arts & Culture

Digital solution that allows renting car for short term usages, and thus reduces the need to purshase it for oneself.

Automašīnu koplietošana
Car sharing

An app that reduces food waste by connecting restaurants with unsold meals to people willing to buy them at a reduced price.

Too Good To Go
Too Good To Go

You will find more about getting involved in social innovation in this practice guide or our section of  useful resources.

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