Unravel tomorrow

Unravel Tomorrow

Following successful implementation of Tomorrow’s Land project, partners are joining their forces again to continue to work towards more engaged society with the focus on social entrepreneurship. Project Unravel Tomorrow is created to boost social activism and social entrepreneurship across Europe by empowering social innovators and entrepreneurs as catalysts of change in the society.

Social innovation has gathered considerable attention in the past years, both in academic and practitioner’s sectors, as a way to identify and bring about potentially transformative societal change.  As social innovation translates to sustainable social entrepreneurship, Unravel Tomorrow will focus on enabling social entrepreneurship to flourish for innovative and inclusive societies.

Project partners have identified specific needs for social innovators to excel as activists and entrepreneurs and designed Unravel Tomorrow to capacitate citizens to tackle future challenges through the growth of social ventures. Leveraging on the experience of the previous project and the knowledge and network built during the Tomorrows Land project, the consortium has clearly identified the need to intervene at a community level, to foster social engagement and activism; and at an individual level to empower social entrepreneurs.

The project is developed by a consortium of 6 organizations from 6 different European countries and combines different organizational profiles – Universities, Businesses and NGO´s willing to co-develop social entrepreneurship in Europe.

Unravel Tomorrow will include 4 key outputs:

  1. the Unravel Tomorrow map, highlighting the key drivers of social entrepreneurship in Europe;
  2. the Unravel Tomorrow learning journey (includes experiential workshops and a MOOC to support the development of the future social entrepreneurs),
  3. the Unravel Tomorrow Field Guide, a roadmap to inspire future social entrepreneurs and empower educators as change makers and equip them with the knowledge and tools to support the growth of the social entrepreneurs
  4. the Unravel Tomorrow Exhibition, an international event to showcase the best practices across Europe and spread the word about the Unravel Tomorrow.


Unravel Tomorrow will contribute, in particular, to:

  • Raise general awareness regarding Social Activism and Social Entrepreneurship in Europe
  • Raise general awareness on the need to provide Social Entrepreneurship education
  • Create/Increase the offer of Social Entrepreneurship Education programmes to Adults
  • Increase the Social Entrepreneurship competences of Adults and indirectly also of teachers
  • Develop a new generation of social entrepreneurs through education


Project partners:

1.Sociālās inovācijas centrs, Latvia

2.Advancis Business Services,Lda, Portugal

3.BESPOKE IVS, Denmark


5.Münster University of Applied Sciences, Germany

6.REGENERUS, United Kingdom



The content of this publication is sole responsibility of the project coordinator and may not always reflect the views of the European Commission or the National Agency

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