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We have embarked on project NICE: Nobody Ignores the Charter of Europe!

With a productive meeting in Kaunas in October 8th-10th, 2021, we have successfully launched a new collaboration in project under the name NICE: Nobody Ignores the Charter of Europe! The activities of the project will revolve around the fundamental rights that the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights provides to all of us, and will last until the end of year 2022. 

Meeting up in the current conditions poses a few challenges among partners, and so did it happen in this project. Due to inevitable changes caused by various restrictions, the start of the project was postponed. Which made the first meeting in person in Kaunas, Lithuania, even more delightful. The conversations among partners were in-depth and allowed establishing the first common grounds among Social Innovation Centre and Unique Projects (Lithuania) and Consiglio Italiano del Movimento Europeo (Italy), thus ensuring a productive planning session for the planned activities.

During project NICE the partners will be working on informing and reminding citizens, specifically youth, about the important date of proclamation of The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union which significantly contributed to EU law as we know it nowadays. Project seeks to explore the topic of European memory and history with special interest in EU perspective and fundamental rights, often left without proper attention from the side of the youth. To achieve the outlined objectives, we will conduct a qualitative research on the topics, and then organize a public debate in Rome, a discussion in Latvia, and a photo exhibition to spread the word in a broader audience.

The following months will be exciting and full of challenge due to ever changing regulations for public meetings, but the partners involved in this organization are motivated and willing to make this happen!

This publication has been prepared within NICE: Nobody Ignores the Charter of Europe! project No.617458-CITIZ-1-2020-1-LT-CITIZ-REMEM with the support of the “Europe for Citizens” program of the European Union. The views expressed in this publication are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Commission.

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