Young people are the makers of the future – it is important to prepare them for a variety of future challenges in the ever-changing world and society and equip them with the necessary competencies, knowledge, the right motivation and the ability to take the leadership role where necessary and solve the encountered problems.

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Research Results on the Level of Civic Engagement and Social Capital Understanding in the Youth Sector in Eastern European Countries

How to stimulate the active civic engagement of youth? What really motivates youth to be active and engaged? How to convince decision makers that it’s worth the support and continued development of civic education of youth since very early age? Those questions and thoughts were summarised by partners of and further developed within this research.


Creation and testing of youth understanding about social capital

Sociālās inovācijas centrs (SIC) sadarbībā ar Latvijas Jaunatnes padome (LJP) aicina uz semināru “Jauniešu izpratnes par sociālo kapitālu analīze” – 3.jūnijā, Jūrmalā. Projekts “Sociālais kapitāls kā rīks jaunatnes pilsoniskai līdzdalībai Austrumeiropas valstīs” tiek realizēts...

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Sow respect, harvest citizens

A youth exchange project between the EU member countries where every participant will have a chance to improve his/her concept of respect of different cultures and learn from each other about the relevance to be a European citizen

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