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PARTNER MEETING | Meeting in Nicosia within CO-ART project

In the final meeting in Nicosia, Cyprus, the project partners ANTIC, Idea 4 Life, Innovation HIVE, Instituto IKIGAI, SYNTHESIS and Social Innovation Centre met to evaluate the achievements of the project and brainstorm about future possibilities of the generated outcomes. ABOUT PROJECT The full title of the CO-ART project translated from English is "Challenge-based Online tools ...

PROJECT RESULTS | Unique escape rooms created as a result of work on CO-ART project

The full title of the CO-ART project translated from English is “Challenge-based Online tools to develop entrepreneurial and digital competences among young ARTpreneurs”. During two years, the international team discussed the most successful ways and forms for the development of such educational tools for strengthening the creative industries and raising the ...

PARTNER MEETING | Meeting in Zaragoza in the framework of the CO-ART project

From 19 to 20 October, the CO-ART project partners ANTIC, Idea 4 Life, Innovation HIVE, Instituto IKIGAI, SYNTHESIS un Sociālās inovācijas centrs met in Zaragoza, Spain, to track the progress of the project and set new implementation goals. On 19 October, the partners met to review what has been done and to plan the next steps. Our educational ...
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