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Socially Agile

Socially Agile The project fosters social entrepreneurship among 20-35 aged youth through an innovative agile methodology. The objective is to get them introduced to business concepts, create understanding on how to implement an innovative idea in the field of social entrepreneurship, train and mentor them to launch their start-up with social ...


REVITALESE The key objective of the project is to highlight the importance of, engage with and assist to improve and revitalize the social mission and business model and activities of LESE (long established social economy) organizations. This project will work with social economy representatives and assist them to increase the impact ...


AR4STEM In project “Augmented Reality for STEM education” the competencies in teaching and promoting STEM teaching and learning, as well as experience in researching and designing Augmented Reality (AR) solutions for education will be highlighted. To achieve this, partners have come together to promote AR for teachers as an innovative and ...
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